Data We Need

We provide "Web", "Android" and "iOS" apps. Just enter the values through Mobile, Tab (or) System. Training required is 1 day maximum.

Production Log

The jigs (or) hangers, Number of parts per hanger, Track parts, in relation to Production Planning Schedule. Conveniently enter the data on a Tab or System.

Process Log

Enter the process parameters like Temperature, Chemical Concentration, PH etc on the go. Mobile Alerts can be given for any process abnormality.

Consumption Log

Enter Consumption data on the go through a Mobile or a Tab. Get recommendation Alert for optimum chemical addition on the mobile.

Quality Log

Enter Defects, Causes and suggest a Remedial action. Issue instruction/order via Maintenance Scheduler. Post a photo and start a chat.

Laboratory Log

Tests conducted are related to batch numbers. Track the Part to the batch and investigate process conditions. Flag the conditions so that they are not accepted in the production process.


Schedule a maintenance job based on service hours or duration. Auto schedule condition based preventive maintenance linking Parameter or Consumption values. Define jobs that can be done only on holidays. Allocate, Study the Cost of Labour, Consumables, Spares at the touch of a button.


Record volume of Effluent generated from Process Lines. Record volume of neutralizing chemicals. Schedule Process and Equipment Maintenance. Monitor Consumption of Consumables, spares and membranes.

Resultant Data we'll Give

Accuracy of Reports will improve with history.

check Production Efficiency
check Cost of each and every consumable per sqft and variation based on Part Configuration.
check OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
check Impact of Maintenance activities on Production, Quality.
check Comparison
check Impact of Hanger Cleaning, Hanger Density, Painter, Earthing Value, Brand of Paint (or) Powder, Gun Brand, Gun Settings, Booth Parameters on Tranfer Efficiency.
check TEEP(Total Equipment Effective Performance)
check Cost of Energy per sqft and variation based on Part Configuration.

Integration of Application

we provide the complete support to configure the econoMES and train your Team.

check API - We can provide API to connect with your existing software system. Value posting is to be done by existing ERP vendor.
check PLC/SCADA - We connect to your PLC/SCADA and collect the data for analysis. We can support Industry 4.0.